Winter & Summer Tree Care

The cold winter weather can cause damage to trees of different species. It is particularly stressful for trees that are not adept at winter climate, which is why they acquire the most harm. The good thing is that you can do something to protect your tree from winter damage. 

Ice harms trees in winter – Changing temperatures can take their toll on trees. It can cause irreversible damage that can be prevented using the following guidelines. 

What to do – Palms and other tropical trees are hit the most when the temperature suddenly drops. One of the ways to keep trees of this species safe from the cold is to wrap their barks to keep the temperature still despite the cold weather. It will also help a lot if you consult a certified arborist to recommend other ways to keep your trees safe from the winter cold.  

Winter drought – Winter drought is another problem that trees face in the winter. To prevent your tree from suffering from this, you should avoid pruning in the fall. Pruning in the fall is not recommended by professionals because this is the time when disease-causing fungi are everywhere. 

What to do – Winter dry spell may be very challenging to battle, but there are ways to help lessen its gravity. One of which is to put a thick layer of natural mulch at the base of the tree just before the winter set in. Mulching helps keep the temperature stable throughout the wintertime. 

Branch breakage –Unfortunately, branches are more vulnerable to breaking during winter. This is especially true for deciduous trees. Their branches become more brittle and fragile that when high winds blow, they quickly get damaged. They can fall on your roof and cause you and your family harm. 

What to do – Branch breakage can be prevented with pruning. Trimming the vulnerable tree can ensure the weak branches are eliminated, reducing the risk of them falling off during winter. You can also wrap the entire tree with a tent-like structure for added protection. Finally, using sturdy ropes to tie affected branches can also help.  

Rodents – Rodents and other pests are rampant in winter as they are looking for refuge against the cold weather. 

What to do – It may help if you use mulch around the base of the tree. Check it once in a while to make sure they are in place. If you have other questions, you can consult with a professional tree service company to help you further. 

Winter Preparation Checklist:

  • Avoid planting trees that are not well-adept to the climate in your region
  • Prune your trees regularly to get rid of problematic branches and limbs
  • Have your trees evaluated by a certified arborist now and then to make sure they are in good state
  • Put the right amount of mulch around the base of the tree to control dampness and the sudden drop of temperature once the winter sets in
  • Inspect your tree for pest infestation and use trap or fences to keep them away from your tree 


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